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MAC Cosmetics Middle East – OH Sweetie Launch

15 Jul 2018



Join high-fashion sweetheart Caro Daur to indulge in new scented patisserie-fresh flavours‭! ‬

Oh‭, ‬sweetie lip colour is whipped‭ ‬for mousse-like texture‭, ‬serving up funfetti-bright‭, ‬frosted opaque hues for lips‭.

‬Try Caro’s favourite flavours‭, death by chocolate and purple panna cotta‭, or explore all 15‭ ‬to find your favourite decadent delight‭.‬






Funfetti cake‭: ‬white frost with multi-colour pearl‮ ‬

Gumdrop‭: ‬intense pink with reflects pearl‮ ‬

Creamy peach pie‭: ‬watermelon pink with pink pearl‮ ‬

Raspberry pavlova‭: ‬bright fuchsia‭ (‬blue pink‭)‬‮ ‬

Sugar cookies‭: ‬opalescent pink‮ ‬

Purple panna cotta‭: ‬lilac‮ ‬

Banana muffins‭: ‬orange‮ ‬

Strawberry mousse‭: ‬barbie pink‮ ‬

Raspberry cream‭: ‬fuchsia with blue pearl‮ ‬

Death by chocolate‭: ‬burgundy‮ ‬

Coconut macaroon‭: ‬pinky beige‮ ‬

Caramel sugar‭: ‬chocolate brown‮ ‬

Strawberry torte‭: ‬bright candy apple red‮ ‬

Key lime trifle‭: ‬bright chartreuse‮ ‬

Wild berry frosting‭: ‬cotton candy blue‮ ‬


SRP‭: ‬AED 80‭ / ‬SAR 85

Available ‬internationally from July 2018‭ ‬at select M·A·C locations‭, ‬‬and maccosmetics.Com